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Photographing Photographers – Shane Deringer

I have to admit that I’ve been a fan of Shane Deringer’s photography for a few years now: his ability to capture the essence of not only his subjects but of his inherently West Coast setting is, in my humble opinion, second to none. The use of light and atmosphere give his images an ethereal, romantic feel that has as much to do with his manipulation of the environment as it does his subject matter. In short, I love his work. So you can imagine how excited I was when he walked through the studio door as one of the subjects for my Photographing Photographers sessions.

As with most photographers, Shane hates getting his picture taken, or at least he was extremely uncomfortable with being the solitary subject in this white wall series. Maybe that’s why he seemed so exposed. Or maybe it was because Shane was in a really raw place emotionally…I’m not sure what the magic formula was, but these are some of my favourite images to date. Thank you Shane, for being willing to be seen. Ultimate gratitude from one photog to another.

shane deringer

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Photographing Photographers – Jody Wigar

This is Jody – she said she was shy, that she was nervous…she wasn’t sure how she would look in photos. Like most photographers, she loves looking at people, but hates them looking at her. When I looked at Jody I saw pure beauty: beyond that actually, like, British super-model beauty…with a heart and a spirit that just sang with joy. It took less than a minute (and a quick peek at the first shot) for Jody to loosen up and let her playful side shine. I love this girl! Not only is she a fabulous photographer – check out her work at Jody Wigar Photography – she’s an incredible subject. Her happiness is contagious and you just want to keep smiling when you’re around her. And did I mention she’s gorgeous?

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Photographing Photographers – Jody Wigar


Photographing Photographers – Lara Eichhorn

This is Lara Eichhorn, an uber-talented wedding photographer here in Victoria. When I set up this shoot I asked the photographers to come dressed as elaborately or as simply as they wanted; Lara walked in wearing this and I almost fell over! The graphic quality of her outfit was amazing and suited her personality to a T. Lara and I have chatted on-line, but never met in person, so I already knew she was quick with a sharp, dry humour (my favourite), but I didn’t know the extent of it until she stepped in front of the lens. From what I could see, Lara is not only witty, she’s confident, sexy, poignant, comfortable in her own skin, and above all, she knows exactly who she is. And anyone that can pull off stripes and polka dots in the same ensemble earns extra points with me.

Photographing Photographers

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Photographing Photographers – Adrian Nyland

Yesterday I introduced you to Elizabeth Nyland – please meet Adrian, her equally ginger – and equally strong – counterpart. Watching Elizabeth and Adrian together is like watching two parts of the same whole and I wish that I’d had time enough to photograph them together. But that’s not what this project is about…these are intimate portraits, taken of strangers, who happen to be photographers and thus usually HATE getting in front of the camera. Now Adrian is not technically a photographer, but as I said, he and Elizabeth are a package team so we’ll give him the title by proxy.

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Trans-Atlantic Love

Back on March 1st, I had the amazing opportunity to be in London and photograph the first instalment of Elysa and Elliott’s engagement shoot. How did we meet across the wide Atlantic? It’s a simple story really, she’s from Vancouver, he’s from London – we met through my sister and I am so thrilled we found each other! I absolutely adore these two.

We all know that weddings require a lot of planning, and doing so across a great distance is even harder – I know this from personal experience. So it made sense that Elliott and Elysa would have to plan for a pre-wedding trip to Vancouver to get the details finalised. James and I knew we had to jump on the opportunity and book another session with them before the big day, if for no other reason than to enjoy some more of their witty conversation. I love English humour – it feels like home to me – and Elysa definitely keeps up with Elliott in that arena! We spent the morning down on Granville Island where the weather was dark and stormy, but that only made the Spring colours pop out all the more vibrantly. We had an amazing time but it went by too quickly, and planes just won’t wait at the request of new friends. But in only a few short months now we’ll be reunited once again for the main event – and we can’t wait!

Elysa and Elliott, thank you again for spending some time in front of the lens and for just being fantastic in general! We’ll be counting the days until we can do it again, and until then, wave to the Thames for me whenever you drive by.

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Granville Island Engagement Photos